building with mirrors

Stage reading in READ Festival – Helsinki, Finland (2014).
Stage reading in Tramedautore Festival – Piccolo Teatro – Milan, Italy (2013).
“Listen”, Free adaptation of the play’s monologues directed by Sabrina Sinatti, Zona K, Milan, Italy (2013).
Stage reading at ITC Theatre – Bologna, Italy (2013).
Stage reading at Riksteatern – Stockholm, Sweden (2012).
Stage reading at Elfo Puccini Theater – Milan, Italy (2011).


Thomas Ruhe is a linguist trying to decipher a dying language. From an imprecise remote region of the Earth, he brings to the big city its last speaker, a sick old woman about to die. Thomas struggles against time, because he wants to avoid the loss of the ancestral knowledge carried by the language, but also because his career as a scholar is in danger. Difficulties lead him to demand help from the old woman’s grandson, her only living relative, who has come to the city in search of opportunities. Djibo, the aborigine, will be slowly swallowed by the prevailing Western culture. Sara, Thomas’ ex girl friend, is a young woman fighting to survive in a world where “to be someone” means being famous and rich. Samuel, Thomas’ brother, is the top manager of a multinational company in the telecommunications field, about to become Chief Executive because of a fusion. Mrs. Jolie, his faithful secretary, is the mirror image of Sara. Some questions raised by the plays are: to what point is it possible to preserve diversity? what is more valuable: the ideal of a global language, simulacrum of understanding between different populations, or the preservation of linguistic and cultural diversity? What if one excludes the other, as a consequence of the mechanisms of global economy, which we can’t control? These themes are present in the existential contradictions of the characters, in their blind faith or refusal of the idea of success, according to a consumeristic society devoted to the appearance.

Play available in English, Italian, Portuguese and German.