All is filthy in Wonderland

“E’ Tutto sporco nel paese delle Meraviglie”  (original in Italian)

Translations available:

English – All is filthy in wonderland, translated by Letizia Olivieri.


Sonia, Brazilian woman
Regina, Brazilian transsexual, alias Giocasta
Ciro, physician
Germano, policeman
Other policemen

Setting: The “cage”. It is not a cell, but there are bars. The door is open. There are washed
clothes hanging from the bars or on a line at the back. An unfolded camp bed on the right and
another, folded, on the left. An old box used as a night table, with a pocket radio on it. On the
floor, a camp kitchen with two stoves. A bowl and a water basin. A clock on the crumbled walls.
A calendar with naked women, month of August. A naked light-bulb hangs from the ceiling.
Everything is very filthy and precarious.



Production at Paolo Grassi Academy of Dramatic Arts – Milan, Italy (2007).



Shortlisted at the Riccione Prize, the most prestigious Italian playwriting award in Italy.



Published in the portal, a key reference for contemporary playwriting in Italy (2014).       Read 

EL GHIBLI Magazine, Issue 05, n. 23, March 2009.


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