Short plays

“Suoni per una foresta digitale”

(original in Italian)

Translations available:

English – Sounds for a Digital Forest, translated by Steven Pidcock.

Catalan – Sons per a una selva digital, translated by Carles Fernández Giua.



Stage reading at Theatr Lliure – Barcelona, within the review “New plays for a time of terror” – V Obrador d’Estiu – Sala Beckett (2011).



“Nei momenti critici una sigaretta porta più sollievo dei vangeli”

(In critical moments, a sigarette brings more relieve than the Gospel)

Original in Italian, no translation available.



PAC – Contemporary Arts Pavilion, Fabrica dell’Uomo Festival – Milan, Italy (2009).

Contribution in collective performance Romulus, commissioned by Outis – National Center for Contemporary Dramaturgy – Italy.


fabbrica dell'uomo